You should expect to be warmly greeted and to feel right at home on your first visit. You’re certain to find friendly people who are ready to help you find your way without overwhelming you. And whether you’ve been to a church before or not, you’ll find that the worship service is simple to follow, the teachings are meaningful, thoughtful and relevant to your life. Our church is here for you. We hope that at the end of the service, you’ll want to come back.

  1. How long is the service? Our worship service lasts around 60 to 75 minutes.
  2. What about kids? We offer Sunday School at 10am for all ages. The youth have their own classrooms down the South Corridor. During the 11am worship service, bring your kids into the main service. About half-way through the service, they will be dismissed to Junior Church.
  3. What do you do to ensure my child's safety? We are a MinistrySafe Church and provide a 5-Part Safety System to protect children and those who serve them. Click Here to find out more
  4. What’s the service like? While the congregation enjoys a wide-variety of music in our services, our giftings tend to be more traditional.
  5. How do people normally dress? We believe you should feel welcome and comfortable here. There is no formal dress code. Most of our church family wears comfortable clothes to church.