Our new Sunday School program begins at 10am on October 2, 2022.


PreK-1st - Teacher, Christa Melton

2nd-5th - Teacher, Laurie Torrey

Middle & High School - Teacher, Ashley Pittsley

Adults 1 - Teacher, Galen D'Angelo

Adults 2 - TBD

Nursery is available.

What is Answers Bible Curriculum?


Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life and addresses the real-life issues that confront Christians today. Teachers and students alike will get a thorough understanding of the teachings and relevance of Scripture. All ages are equipped to defend their faith, becoming conformed to the image of Christ, as they learn to apply God’s Word in their everyday lives.

Why Answers Bible Curriculum?


Research shows two-thirds of "Christian/Churched" young people walk away from the church. That usually means they are walking away from the beliefs of their parents, too. Could Sunday school be part of the problem? Curriculum specialist Bryan Osborne dives into why kids are turning away and how ABC can help.

Key Concepts


Lessons are synchronized across all six age groups with different levels of depth. Families can learn at the same time and enjoy easy opportunities to talk about God’s Word together with an included midweek devotional.

The Bible Is Trustworthy

We can trust all of God’s Word beginning in Genesis! While showing that Scripture is absolutely true, ABC emphasizes the importance of carefully and accurately interpreting the Bible.


We must be ready to give an answer for what we believe. ABC equips young and old with facts from culture, history, and science to defend the Bible against common skeptical questions.


The Bible presents true history, not made-up “stories.” Chronological teaching through the whole Bible gives your students a powerful, worldview-shaping overview of God’s Word.

God’s Attributes

God’s attributes are displayed throughout the Bible! As students discover the character of God, they are encouraged to grow more conformed to the image of Christ.

God’s Redemptive Plan (Salvation)

God’s plan of redemption is woven throughout Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, Answers Bible Curriculum traces the “scarlet thread” of the gospel to reveal this unified theme in the Bible.

Life Application

We are to live in light of what the Bible teaches. ABC brings the Bible’s teaching to bear on everyday life, impacting all ages with easy, practical applications.

Synchronized Learning

Every age level learns the same topic at the same time. Lessons adjust the content for different ages.

What's Included


Explore the key components of Answers Bible Curriculum.

OPTIONAL: Answers Bible Curriculum in Action


While this video is more for teachers, feel free to watch it. Answers Bible Curriculum makes a teacher’s life easier. Watch as Bryan Osborne takes you through some sample lessons and shows how to use the materials.